[bloodborne how to access dlc]A mysterious Bloodborne PS5 listing is apparently a bug

  A PS5 version of Bloodborne has reportedly been appearing for several users around the world, but there’s a high chance it’s a bug.

  Over the weekend, a user on Twitter noted that a PS5 version of Bloodborne was available on Sony’s next-gen console. As you can see below, the user in question doesn’t really know what to make of a PS5 version of FromSoftware’s excellent game suddenly appearing out of nowhere on their console.

  Pero esto que eeeeehh? pic.twitter.com/sqYskkNrczMarch 5, 2021

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  FromSoftware expert modder Lance McDonald chimed in on Twitter, noting that he had previously noticed this on his PS5, and received a similar notification that a next-gen version of Bloodborne was apparently available. However, according to McDonald, this is likely a visual bug, and only happens with SKDs (software development kits), further pointing to the version being nothing more than a bug.

  This is far from the first time there’s been mention of a next-gen version of Bloodborne in the works. Previously in September 2020, a French retailer listed a PS5 version of Bloodborne, although the listing was taken down shortly after it was noticed, and nothing ever came of the pre-orders for the unannounced game.

  In fact, it’s McDonald’s fantastic work with Bloodborne that’s in part to thank for why there’s so much fervent anticipation around FromSoftware’s game potentially getting a PS5 port. After working on a 60 frames per second mod for Bloodborne for the better part of a year, McDonald released the patch for all PS4 users earlier this year, allowing FromSoftware’s game to run at a stable 60FPS for the first time. Users are hoping that FromSoftware’s takes note of this, and makes it official with a next-gen version.

  If you’re still trekking through FromSoftware’s gothic adventure, head over to our best Bloodborne weapons guide for more.

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