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  Loads of players loved Little Nightmares II. For those looking for a similar experience, these games should scratch that itch.

  By Kit Morris

  Published Mar 28, 2021


  10 Games To Play If You Liked Little Nightmares II

  Little Nightmares II?released on February 11th and both horror and platformer fans have been enjoying it. Continuing the story of the first game, Six teams up with Mono, the playable character in this installment, as they make their way through the Pale City so they can get to the Signal Tower. In their journey, they face many threats that are even scarier than the ones from the original title.

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  With the game being out for a while, many gamers have already beaten it and are looking for something similar to play. Here are ten games that are like?Little Nightmares II?that fans will surely enjoy.



  In the beginning of?Little Nightmares II, players have to avoid the dangers that Mono faces in a forest until he arrives at the cabin where he meets Six. Playdead’s?Limbo?is another creepy platformer that takes place in a forest with similar obstacles. Players control a young boy that needs to solve puzzles, with each one getting harder than the last, until he finds his little sister at the end of the game. This game also has a very simplistic yet unique art style that many enjoyed.


  Another game made by Playdead is?Inside, which is basically?Limbo’s spiritual successor. In fact, many think that it’s even better than the studio’s first game. The setting has some similarities to Pale City and even begins, once again, in a forest. The unnamed character of this title finds out that people are being controlled by researchers and uses one of their devices to manipulate others’ actions to solve the puzzles throughout the game. Like the?Little Nightmares?games, many things in this title are up for interpretation, causing fans to create many theories as to what is actually happening.


  Bendy and the ink machine

  Bendy and the Ink Machine?takes place in Joey Drew Studios, where cartoon characters such as Alice, Boris, and the devil darling himself. Henry, a man that worked at the studio and created these characters came back to it years after leaving and found that his creations have not only come to life, but are also trying to kill him. Play as Henry, fight the animated characters, and explore Joey Drew Studios in this awesome indie title.


  After a boy witnesses his neighbor act suspicious, he sneaks into the house. However, what he finds is so much more than he expected as the house is more like a labyrinth.

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  Now the boy must escape from the neighbor, who is a great example of creative AI in a video game as he will change his actions depending on what the players do every time they lose. In order to beat the game, players will have to think differently every time they get caught by the neighbor.



  If?Little Nightmares?didn’t have any horror elements, it would be just like?Unravel, which is great for gamers that do not want to feel creeped out. They control Yarny, a creature made out of yarn, as they explore the memories of an elderly woman. Some of these memories are good, others are bad, but every aspect of this puzzle platformer is beautiful.


  SOMA?is a mix between a horror title and a walking simulator, but has a lot of similarities to?Little Nightmares?through its puzzles and themes. Players control a man named Simon who awakens in a future where the few remaining humans lived underwater after he had a brain scan. He meets a woman named Catherine, who has found a way to send the consciousness of humanity to a better reality, and he agrees to help her. Throughout the journey, players will come across dangerous monsters and difficult puzzles, leading them to understand what it means to be human.



  Undertale?was one of the most popular games of the decade. Toby Fox, the creator of the game, did pretty much everything on his own, from writing to designing, and even making the music. The gameplay is incredibly unique, changing the formula of?a traditional RPG but being just as enjoyable.

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  As for the story,?Undertale?is about a human that falls below the Earth’s surface and ends up meeting monsters on their way back home. Along the way, players learn about the relationship between these monsters and the humans in events that happened before the game began.


  Taking place after World War II in an alternate reality,?We Happy Few?is an action horror game that allows players to control three characters, Arthur, Sally, and Ollie. In this universe, a drug called Joy was created to help people forget about bad things and only see the world in a positive way. Throughout the game, the characters learn about the true history of the world they live in. For those that like the stories that video games tell more than any other aspect of them, this is one of the best horror games out there.


  cuphead flower boss fight

  Cuphead?is a run and gun game, heavily inspired by old cartoons. In order to save their lives after making a deal with the Devil, the titular character and his brother, Mugman, fight a series of bosses and take their souls. Most of these bosses provide a great challenge for players. Though this game isn’t scary and doesn’t contain much platforming, it has a very similar charm to?Little Nightmares.

  hollow knight cave

  Hollow Knight?is a unique metroidvania with a stunning 2D art style. The game revolves around a knight who goes to Hallownest, a kingdom full of different types of insects. Hallownest is a beautiful and dark place that many gamers enjoyed exploring. Throughout the game, the knight and the players learn about the history of this world. Due to the game being praised so highly, an upcoming sequel,?Hollow Knight: Silksong?is in development.

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