[games releasing in october 2020]Mario Kart Live Update Adds Mario Cup, New Obstacles & Yoshi Karts

  Nintendo is aiming to keep Mario Kart Live – its AR-based Switch racer – puttering with new environmental hazards and two Yoshi-themed kart designs.

  By Roger Fingas

  Published 9 hours ago


  Mario Kart Live Banana Barrels

  Nintendo has released a rare update for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, aiming to keep up interest by introducing new?virtual hazards, as well as a new gate and two new Yoshi-themed kart designs. The 1.1.0 patch is available simply by launching the game?as long as the player’s Switch is connected to the internet.

  Mario Kart Live?takes the series into augmented reality, using camera-equipped cars and physical gates to lay out courses on tables and floors. Up to four people can play at a time, but they each require their own Switch and Mario or Luigi car model. Players also realistically need ample space, smooth surfaces, and a strong wireless connection, since too much lag can affect response time or end a race prematurely.

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  Mario Kart Live Banana Barrels

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  Some of the new hazards include water geysers, oil slicks and tumbling barrels,?Polygon notes, citing screenshots from Nintendo’s Japanese website. Oil slicks are a dual threat – these not only cause a kart’s handling to slip, but also temporarily obscure a player’s field of vision. Geysers push cars sideways but can potentially have collectible coins on top. Barrels come in wooden and golden varieties. Hitting wooden ones causes a crash, but?hitting a golden one rewards coins.?To unlock any of the new environmental items,?players must?complete goals in the Mario Cup, an addition to Mario Kart Live’s Grand Prix that is part of the update.


  Mario Kart Live Oil Slicks

  Players?must also?meet goals in the Mario Cup to unlock two new kart designs: Super Yoshi and Yoshi Horn. In patch notes for this update,?Nintendo adds that it has made “general changes to improve enjoyment of the game.” It’s not specified what these changes might be, but, as with most game updates, they presumably include bug fixes and performance tweaks.?Mario Kart Live?has only had two?updates total since its October 2020 launch. The first, released on October 27, made it easier to play in bright rooms and?delivered a?kart update automatically.

  The?Mario Kart games have mostly taken a backseat in Nintendo’s lineup in recent years. The last major console release was 2017’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which itself was a modest upgrade from 2014’s Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. A Mario Kart 9 is almost certainly planned or in development, but may have to wait for the rumored 2022 launch of a “Switch Pro” – or simply for higher-priority projects to reach completion while Nintendo’s studios are still slowed by remote work.?Mario Kart Live?is a spinoff made by Velan Studios, which recently scored a hit with the multi-platform title Knockout City.


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