[sexy poker]All Of Our Fav Rooms From Cara Delevingne’s Insane Home (It Has A Vagina Tunnel, BTW)

  As someone with a champagne taste and beer pocket, I’m not one to spend money on anything past the essentials. However, I love seeing how the rich and famous spend their money.

  Airplane hangar house? Quirky, sure! A pet snow tiger? That seems irresponsible, but you do you, boo!

  It’s ridiculous, wild and I am 100% here for it. But no one’s extravagant estate has impressed me in recent months half as much as Cara Delevingne’s.

  The model and actress gave a tour of her Los Angeles home to Architectural Digest (AD) this week, and it is ah-ma-zing. From a ball pit and Gucci wallpaper to a Black Lodge poker room, here are some of the highlights (there’s a lot).

  Delevingne's living room.(AD/YouTube)

  On the top of my Cara Casa highlight reel is a grand drawing room Delevingne told AD she uses mainly for games. That couldn’t be more fitting, considering the room looks like Jumanji had an ultra-chic baby with Clue.

  It’s hard to pick my favorite thing about this room. Maybe it’s the breathtaking coffered ceiling or plush basil green armchairs. Or it could be the chandelier outfitted with a disco ball. But honestly, it’s probably the clear Wurlitzer grand piano.

  Delevingne's piano.(AD/YouTube)

  The appropriately described “wicked Wurlitzer” features neon color-changing lights underneath, transforming this quirky instrument into an eye-catching focal point. She told AD she plays the piano naked. And you know, if I were a supermodel, I probably would, too.

  Delevingne's poker room.(AD/YouTube)

  Just when she couldn’t get any cooler, Delevingne revealed a David Lynch-inspired poker room complete with floor to ceiling red curtains and a vintage wheel of fortune from the Santa Monica pier. It’s moody, retro and mysterious – perfectly Lynchian.

  “This is where I take people’s money and put it into the house,” Delevingne says, wearing a floppy tophat under a red tented ceiling. To whom does she attribute her poker prowess? None other than her actress and author godmother, Joan Collins.

  Delevingne's poker table.(AD/YouTube)

  All that’s missing from this red room is Special Agent Dale Cooper himself.

  Delevingne's pink room.(AD/YouTube)

  Delevingne managed to utilize every square inch of her white brick home with a suede-lined attic lounge she dubbed the “pussy palace.” Maybe I’m just biased – that’s what I nicknamed my first solo apartment I lived in with my two cats.

  But with a swing straight out of the Spice Girls tour bus, mirrored ceiling and intimate slanted ceilings, it’s hard not to fall in love with this sexy little lounge. This bonafide party bunker also features wrist and ankle restraints and a stripper pole because, duh – pussy palace.

  Delevingne's pink room couch.(AD/YouTube)

  Delevingne cites advice from her mum, “if you’re bored, you’re boring.” And this pink pussy palace is anything but.

  Delevingne's vagina tunnel.(AD/YouTube)

  Speaking of, perhaps the most eccentric part of Delevingne’s L.A. home is a vagina tunnel that leads into the guest bedroom. This unique entryway is the perfect blend of sexy and silly, featuring cotton candy pink velvet curtains and gold chains.

  “I come in here to think…to create…I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel,” Delevingne says from inside the hot pink feathered entrance. “I’m going to show you where this labia leads,” she jokes before crawling out of the tunnel through a pink Wascomat washing machine door.

  Delevingne's vagina tunnel.(AD/YouTube)

  “See? Rebirthed and cleansed,” she smiles. “Again, Nicolò [Bini] made that idea come to life, which I never thought possible. I think that was kind of a test to see how far he would go, and he went there.” Indeed, he did.

  Delevingne's outdoor nook. (AD/YouTube)

  More often than not, lavish homes are plain unrealistic. Part of the allure of looking at these homes is how absurd everything appears. “You’d spend your money on that?!” Says I, a woman whose idea of living large is ordering takeout more than once every two weeks.

  But Delevingne’s Santorini-meets-Beverly Hills breakfast nook is different. Not only can I imagine designing a space like this for myself, but it’s also a straight-up dream. The oceanic blues and crisp whites pop against the greens of lemon and orange trees.

  Delevingne's outdoor nook.(AD/YouTube)

  “This is an extremely peaceful area for me,” Delevingne told AD. “It’s where I sit in the morning if I need a script to read or something I need to get done.” A morning cup of tea with fresh lemon? Don’t mind if I do.

  Delevingne's costume closet.(AD/YouTube)

  Finally, this wacky costume cupboard was almost beaten out for the circus-themed ball pit. Nevertheless, it made my final “top moments” list because who wouldn’t want to have a dress-up party at Cara Delevingne’s house?!

  Sure, walk-in closets are great. But walk-in costume closets are undeniably better. “I just feel like everyone needs to change a little bit. When they’re feeling a certain way, they just need to get out of their heads and have a laugh,” the actor explains.

  Delevingne's ball pit.(AD/YouTube)

  It’s a beautiful sentiment highlighted further by the giant pair of fake breasts she’s holding to her chest while she speaks to the camera. And of course, if the closet doesn’t do the trick, the ball pit should work pretty well, too.

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