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  Questions swirl around this beautiful young woman especially since the Arizona-born Instagram star has a whopping 2 million followers.

  By Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

  Published May 30, 2021


  Who Is Tanner Fox’s Ex-Girlfriend, Taylor Alesia_

  No, it doesn’t look like Tanner Fox and Taylor Alesia are still together. Despite the two of them being hot and heavy in the public eye for quite a while, things seemed to have quietly died off. While most people don’t know that the two have broken things off, a simple visit to their Instagram pages reveals the truth. But while most fans of the Instagram stars are unaware of their break-up, there are still questions about why exactly Taylor Alesia is…

  Questions swirl around this beautiful young woman especially since the Arizona-born Instagram star has a whopping 2 million followers. Here’s the truth about Tanner’s ex…


  Tanner Fox’s girlfriend first established her image on social media via Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  She got famous for the pictures that she posted on her Instagram account. All her pics established her as a renowned social media personality. Taylor also started posting her videos in the Musical.ly app, another place where she got a lot of fame.

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  The influencer assisted another famous social media personality called Taylor Caniff, and she helped him with merchandise on his RV Project Tour. Caniff got famous for his videos uploaded on his Vine channel. He reached over 2.3 million followers, and he also has a YouTube channel with over 400.000 subscribers. Thanks to this, Taylor Alesia got a lot of exposure, and it was rumored that they were dating during that time while she was helping him doing the RV Project Tour.


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  Nevertheless, later on, Taylor Caniff revealed that they were not dating in an interview with a San Diego TV station, according to Superfame. He also said that he was single and not dating anyone.

  Alesia was not pleased with his interview as he promised to keep in touch and take her to Texas. She also came out to her fans and revealed about having proof of their relationship. Alesia posted a picture of them kissing on a beach on her Twitter account. It is clear for fans that Caniff and Alesia don’t hang out anymore.

  Taylor Alesia also has a YouTube channel with 2.34 million subscribers where she uploads makeup tutorials and different challenges with her friends and with Tanner Fox, when the two were together.


  According to Social Blade, with her YouTube channel, she wins between 123 to 2.000 dollars per year. In 2018, she earned between 1.500 to 23.700 dollars which was pretty good for someone who started reuploading on her YouTube channel. Now, most of her videos are eliminated, and she only has five videos on her channel.

  Regarding her family, Taylor Alesia has an older sister. Her name is Alli Compton, and she is active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  As a curious fact and according to the media, Taylor is about 1.52 m (5 ft 0 in tall) while Tanner Fox’s height is 1.68m (5 ft 6 in tall). Now let’s take a look at her ex-boyfriend’s rise to fame.


  Tanner Fox’s achievements are pretty impressive. He has 10.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.3 million followers on Instagram. He ranked 40th in the 2016 World Scooter Finals, and he also has his own clothing line: TFox.

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  Fox was a kid from sunny California who had a passion for scooter stunts and movie making. He started his YouTube channel just before he turned 11 years old to upload scooter stunts. Tanner posted stunt and trick videos of him and his friends for the first four years, but by mid-2015, things began to pick up.

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  Not only did Tanner become a world competitor in scooter events, but his YouTube channel had also begun to gain some serious traction. With the new addition of webisodes and a very determined seven-year-old on a Hoverboard, Tanner went viral, and in the last year, his channel has blown up.

  Tanner Fox was born in San Diego, California. Growing up in SoCal, there was lots for a kid to do outdoors, and at the age of 11, Tanner was interested in heading to his local skate park to try tricks with his bike. While there, he found it quite difficult, but a group of kids on scooters caught his attention. They seem to be having a way better time, so Tanner decided to ditch his bike and ask for a scooter instead.

  At the age of 12, Tanner’s scooter skills had grown. He began competing, and with the help of pro scooter Dakota Schuetz, he got a sponsorship with Lucky Scooters. Fox’s deal with Lucky allowed him to compete worldwide, and by the age of 15, he’s been to Australia, Spain, and the UK.

  2015 was a big year for Tanner’s scooter career and his channel as well. That year he began to switch things up, posting videos from his life outside of the skatepark. With his Instagram, he made call-the-shots videos where fans could comment on the tricks they wanted him to do and everyone’s favorite: Hoverboard videos.

  In 2016, Tanner stepped up his YouTube game. He began posting on a daily basis. Fox attended VidCon, and his content was evolving even further, including the beginning of his very popular exploration videos.

  Alesia and Tanner began dating in 2017 but broke up somewhere along the way. In an interview in February 2021, Tanner went into a little bit of detail about their breakup.

  But, for the most part, they’ve both been really silent about it. And according to Alesia’s Instagram, it appears as though she has moved on with her life and found herself a new boyfriend. Albeit, not one nearly as famous. But maybe that’s a good thing.

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