[smash dlc characters]Smash Bros’ Last DLC Character Will Inevitably Be Disappointing

  With no possible way to please every fan, it seems increasingly likely that Smash Bros.’ final DLC fighter announcement is doomed to be disappointing.

  By Ky Shinkle

  Published May 28, 2021


  Smash Bros' Last DLC Character Will Inevitably Be Disappointing

  Several DLC characters have been released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since the initial announcement of the Fighters Pass, and the new release of fighters has grown to become one of the most anticipated announcements from Nintendo. The build up to each announcement is met with rampant rumors and theories regarding characters fans either hope to see or consider likely additions to the game. Given there’s so many varying opinions when it comes to DLC fighters, it isn’t possible for Nintendo to please every fan with each new addition – but there’s always the hope of fan-favorite characters making an appearance in future Fighter Pass releases. However, when the final Fighter Pass character is announced, there?likely won’t be any more Super?Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter releases to look forward to. Because of that, disappointment seems to be inevitable.

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  Smash Bros' Last DLC Character Will Inevitably Be Disappointing

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  Since the release of the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter, Piranha Plant, additional character announcements have been made at a semi-regular pace. Some were announced during Nintendo Directs, others during E3 conferences or The Game Awards. The uncertainty of both Nintendo’s release schedule and the nature of each new character helped to build up fan anticipation before each announcement, which in turn led to rampant rumors and debates regarding?upcoming DLC fighters.

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  Currently, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will announce a third Fighters Pass for Smash Bros., so it’s probable that the current wave of DLC fighters will be the last ones the game receives. While further updates and announcements aren’t entirely off the table, fans are already preparing for what could very well be the last new fighter announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – as well as the seemingly unavoidable disappointment that’s likely to follow.


  Smash Bros' Last DLC Character Will Inevitably Be Disappointing

  As more time passes following each new Super?Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC release, both anticipation and speculation grows. Fans will increasingly build up hope that the next fighter, or the one after that, could be the character they’re hoping to see. When it comes to the release of the final Smash fighter, it’s likely that many will view it as their last possible chance – and with so many varying viewpoints on just who should be added to the game, plenty of fans will be inevitably disappointed with any result. Among such a diverse and divided player base, there could never be a foolproof way to please absolutely everyone. Arguably, there isn’t even an easy way to please the vast majority, particularly in the case of the highly-anticipated DLC fighters.


  Releasing both Smash fighters at once could help to remedy this, at least marginally. A surprise dual release would eliminate the concept of there being just one final DLC fighter altogether, cutting off speculation and rumors before they can grow out of hand. Furthermore, a release of two fighters at once could help provide a little bit of something for everyone. While it wouldn’t cover all possible ground when it comes to requested Smash Bros. fighters, it would give fans two characters to potentially be excited about rather than hedging all their bets on just one final character. There’s probably no perfect solution, but it’s a safer bet when it comes to helping to ease the seemingly-inevitable disappointment of Super?Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final DLC fighter announcement.


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