[call of duty multiplayer]Call of Duty: Warzone Player Instantly Killed By Door

  One battle-weary Call of Duty: Warzone player meets their end by the most unlikely of culprits: a simple wooden door with a deadly glitch.

  By J. Brodie Shirey

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  Call Of Duty Warzone Door

  One unlucky Call Of Duty: Warzone player was felled not by an enemy soldier, but by a glitched door. Just like any other multiplayer title, Call Of Duty has seen its fair share of crazy player feats and strange bugs pop up on the battlefield, at least when would-be soldiers don’t suffer the misfortune of landing in the wrong place during a firefight.

  Over the past month or so, one Call Of Duty: Warzone player witnessed an enemy being killed by their own truck, and another managed to hijack a helicopter right in midair. Others have shown off impressive trick shots using a crossbow or even just a throwing knife. However, for one lowly grunt, the deadliest weapon on the battlefield turned out to be a simple wooden door.


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  A few days ago, Reddit user Rxelik_ posted an amusing gameplay video to the Warzone subreddit. In it, they try to enter a closed and barricaded door during a seemingly ordinary round of multiplayer, only to die the very second they touch it. Rxelik_ then makes a second attempt at the door once they respawn, only to unceremoniously die once again. While some commentators expressed bewilderment at the killer door glitch, others joked about it being a great way for squamates to build up XP by reviving their fallen comrade each time they’re murdered by the inanimate entryway. The tragic yet comical ordeal can be seen in the post below:


  Recently, Call Of Duty: Warzone kicked off its multiplayer Season 4, which features a brand new campaign in which players have to stop the villainous Stitch from sabotaging US satellites, as well as 120 FPS support on the PlayStation 5. Not all of the new additions this season have been positive or intentional, as some players have reported seeing a recurring invisibility glitch – one that developer Raven Software has pledged to fix. In the meantime, fans have also enjoyed special guest appearances by 80s action film heroes John McClain of Die Hard fame and John Rambo in both Warzone and Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


  However, it wasn’t a terrorist mastermind or an icon of the silver screen that spelled disaster for u/Rxelik_, but rather an unassuming door. Glitches like this are a headache for the Warzone players that have the misfortune to come across them. But for online speculators, they at least provide a good laugh or two.

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  Call of Duty: Warzone?is available?on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  Source: Rxelik_/Reddit


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