[warzone price]New Pay-to-Win Warzone Skin Is Roze 2.0 – Hypersonic Special Ops Pro

  There’s a new Pay-to-Win skin coming to Warzone after the Roze nerf, and this one looks just as bad as its predecessor.

  Warzone has a visibility problem, even 15 months after its initial launch. Things got a little better in Verdansk 1984, with the battle royale map getting a complete lighting overhaul.

  However, Verdansk ’84 has some major lighting issues of its own to contend with. And players need to change these Warzone settings for the best possible visibility in-game.

  Roze Rook Skin Warzone Season 4 Nerf FixRoze Rook Skin Warzone Season 4 Nerf Fix(Source: Activision)

  Now that the Roze skin has finally been nerfed for good, the overpowered cosmetic is done ruining our games. But players were quick to find the next overpowered skin in Warzone – even if it’s not quite as bad as Rook.

  And now, unfortunately, another all-black skin is on its way to Warzone Season 4. And from what we can see, it’s set to be Roze 2.0.

  Through some delving into the game files, one dataminer has discovered Roze 2.0 inside Warzone Season 4.

  Although this skin is yet to get an official release in-game, Elvis COD is already labeling it as Roze 2.0. This time around, it’s actually Portnova that’s getting an all-black appearance, however.

  Digging through unreleased Warzone content, the user was able to discover a new pay-to-win Warzone skin is on its way. In the Special Ops Pro Pack, players can get hold of the Hypersonic Portnova skin, which already appears overpowered in-game.

  The jet-black appearance has very few lighter surfaces visible, meaning that it can hide in the shadows just as easily as Roze in her prime. And this time, players will only have to pay a small price to unlock the Operator skin, rather than Rook’s requirement of completing last year’s Season 5 Battle Pass.

  Warzone Season 4 New OperatorWarzone Season 4 New Operator(Source: Activision)

  If Warzone players think Season 4 is unplayable now, just wait until this skin drops in the Store. That said, we don’t know if or when this Roze 2.0 skin will actually go live.

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  After all, the Hypersonic skin appears to have a Season 2 tag on its listing, suggesting that it could well be an unreleased cosmetic. We certainly hope that’s the case this time around, although Elvis COD believes the number could be a typo, as the skin is only just surfacing.

  Perhaps Raven Software was able to veto this skin going live, as the developer has finally been listening to the players lately. In fact, the team is already announcing the nerf of an overpowered Warzone Season 4 gun, only days after the update went live.

  Hello Roze 2.0 pic.twitter.com/kis0Jbuom6

  — Elvis COD (@ElvisCOD) June 20, 2021

  But it’s not all bad news in Season 4, as Warzone has a new way to crash satellites for insane loot in-game. What’s more, there’s a brand-new WW2 Warzone map leaking ahead of launch later this year.

  And with new WW2 Warzone map POIs dropping ahead of an official reveal, the news is making us wonder how the battle royale will look in a few months’ time.

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