[Cat Lady]15 Things Every Chic Cat Lady Needs in Her Home

  As someone who has proudly self-identified as a crazy cat lady for most of her life, I’m delighted to inform you that the cat lady aesthetic is officially en vogue. Literally. Vogue magazine recently published an essay on how the once dorky associations that come with loving felines have been replaced by much cooler, and dare we say chicer, vibes. Indeed, nowadays there are a plethora of cat-friendly and cat-themed home decor items that are ripe for replacing your matted old cat tower or plastic litter box. So, whether you count yourself among the cat lady crew or you’re looking to pick up a gift for your kitty obsessed friend, here are 15 supremely chic pieces we recommend.

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  cat lady things scratching lounger


  This cardboard scratching post will help keep her claws in check, but also looks incredibly cool, almost like an abstract sculpture. Plus, you can easily flip it over once the cardboard on top has been sufficiently shredded.

  Buy it ($50)

  cat lady things tower


  Most cat towers have the same round fleece beds perched atop rope-wrapped cylinders and wind up looking pretty dorky. But this modern design can (and should) be proudly displayed in your living room to show off the interesting combination of wooden triangles. (P.S. It also comes in white.)

  Buy it ($88)

  cat lady things coffee table book


  This stunning coffee table book combines your love of felines with your love of fashion, and will look gorgeous when artfully placed on your end table. As a bonus, it might give you some fun new ideas for Brownie’s next photoshoot.

  $35 at Amazon

  cat lady things hidden litter box


  For those who live in smaller homes, finding a way to move your litter box out of sight can be a bit of a challenge. But this simple cadenza-inspired piece fits most standard litter boxes behind those two doors (which open fully for easy cleaning). Plus, there’s an entrance on the side for your kitty to come and go as he pleases.

  Buy it ($130; $88)

  cat lady things etsy art

  Sofia Emm Draws/Etsy

  Etsy is chock-full of cat-inspired art to fit any aesthetic, but we’re partial to this floral print in shades of pink to hang anywhere you might want a pretty reminder of your sweet feline friend.

  Buy it (from $16)

  cat lady things cactus scratching post


  For those who don’t want to vacuum up cardboard scraps on the regular, a sisal rope design is the way to go. But rather than settle for a boring beige model with a carpeted base, why not have a little fun with a western-inspired cactus instead? It’ll blend in well with your existing houseplants and will make you chuckle each time you pass by.

  Buy it ($17)

  cat lady things cat person feeding dish

  Cat Person

  This beautiful bowl set is ergonomically designed to help your kitty with swallowing and digestion. It also comes in two other stunning color combinations, if Millennial pink isn’t your vibe.

  Buy it ($40)

  cat lady things bed


  Give your little prince a perch in which to rest his paws in style. The wooden legs and textured gray outer fabric elevate the aesthetic of a traditional cat bed to blend more seamlessly with your midcentury modern decor.

  Buy it ($36)

  cat lady things hexagonal wall mount


  Mix and match as many of these hexagonal wall mounts as you like to create a custom cat perch on your wall to free up precious floor space while giving Toulouse and Duchess a fun new maze to explore.

  Buy it (from $59)

  cat lady things catlady book


  This wonderful book contains stories and artwork celebrating the relationships between humans and their cats, with essays from novelist Emma Straub, interior designer Justina Blakeney, ban.do-founder Jen Gotch and more.

  $10 at Amazon

  cat lady things astrology book1


  Why should we monopolize all the fun of deciphering which careers are most compatible with our zodiac signs? Read your kitty’s star chart and learn even more about her personality, habits and predilections to bring the two of you closer together.

  Buy it ($15)

  cat lady things water fountain


  Cats are notoriously bad at staying well hydrated, but one way to encourage them to drink more is with a flowing fountain. (Did you know that out in the wild, cats will avoid still water in search of moving streams, and many domesticated felines are still hardwires to do this?) This multi-tiered ceramic model comes in four colors and might even make you feel more Zen, too.

  Buy it ($80)

  cat lady things tree


  Love the look of greenery in the house? This wonderfully creative cat tower is disguised to look like a small tree, with multiple levels for Snowball to explore and the added benefit (for her) of providing some coverage when she’d rather do her own thing.

  Buy it ($200; $118)

  cat lady things tree litter box


  Or, you can use faux plants to stow your litter box out of sight. The top of this fake planter is easily removed to make cleaning up a breeze, while the fronds will blend in seamlessly with your existing collection of house plants.

  Buy it ($90; $65)

  cat lady things gray malin art

  Gray Malin

  Who says cat-themed art can’t be elevated? This cheeky print by celebrated photographer Gray Malin features a fierce panther lounging poolside at an L.A. hotel and can inspire both you and your kitty to chill.

  Buy it (from $299)

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