[MONSTER HUNTER RISE]Monster Hunter Rise’s optimization was tough but rewarding, says Capcom

  In a recent interview with Nintendo Life,?Monster Hunter Rise?director Yasunori Ichinose fielded a few questions regarding the experience of making such a complex game for Switch. The interview explores all sorts of aspects surrounding the game’s design and use of the RE Engine, but one of the most interesting revelations came with a discussion of the challenges in getting the RE Engine to work on Switch. Evidently, that was one of the most important challenges in getting Monster Hunter Rise to work well on Switch. Here’s how Mr. Yasunori responded when Nintendo Life asked him, “what is your overall feeling after working on Monster Hunter, in the RE Engine, on the Nintendo Switch?”

  Optimization was very difficult, but it was also challenging and rewarding. Thanks to the basic design, tools, and development methods of RE ENGINE, we were able to challenge the optimization up until the very last minute. It was a challenge to fit the large RE Engine into the small Nintendo Switch, but I’m happy that we were able to create something that people will think is impressive that it runs at this quality on the Nintendo Switch.

  After so much hard work, the results are clear.?Monster Hunter Rise?is a damn fun game, and its use of Switch hardware is impressive. We scored it a 9 out of 10 in our review, and series fans have propelled the game past 5 million in sales, finding lots to love in the latest entry in this blockbuster franchise.

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