[Wargroove]Xbox Game Pass Update: These 3 Indie Titles Will No Longer Be Available By Mid-April

  Three games are leaving Xbox Game Pass this April, “Gato Roboto,” “Deliver Us The Moon” and “Wargroove”All three indie games will still be avaialble until mid-April”NHL 21″ and “MLB The Show 21” are coming to Xbox Game Pass this April

  April is here, and changes are happening to everyone, including the Xbox Game Pass. Several games are on their way out amid the arrival of new titles.

  The games that will soon be gone from the subscription service are “Gato Roboto,” “Deliver Us The Moon” and “Wargroove.”

  This Xbox Game Pass update hardly comes as a surprise considering there were some games added to the mix. The new titles that will be available for subscribers are “People Can Fly” and Square Enix’s “Outriders.”

  The impending exit of the three games was announced recently and will happen in the next two weeks. “Gato Roboto,” “Deliver Us The Moon” and “Wargroove” have been around for quite some time now, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers who still want to try them have until mid-April.

  Folks who want to add them to their game library can still do so and get 20% off their original price. All games are available for both the PC and Xbox.

  For those who may not be familiar with them, here is a brief synopsis of each.

  “Gato Roboto” is a 2D Metroidvania video game from Devote Digital that came out in May 2019. It follows the adventures of a cat named Kiki who attempts to save her owner after crashing on a mysterious planet.

  “Deliver Us The Moon” is a sci-fi thriller set in an apocalyptic future. The twist here is that the natural resources of Earth are depleted, and one astronaut is sent to the moon to help save humanity from potential extinction.

  Lastly, “Wargroove” is a strategy game from Chucklefish released in February 2019. Players are tasked to explore maps and take on different foes. The game supports single and multiplayer campaigns.

  Aside from “Outriders” and “People Can Fly,” other games reportedly coming this month on Xbox Game Pass include “MLB The Show 21” and “NHL 21.” “MLB The Show 21” will be available for cloud and console starting on April 20. “NHL 21” will only be available for consoles, though its exact April release date is still unknown

  Xbox Game Pass April Lineup Microsoft has announced the latest crop of new free games added to Xbox Game Pass. Photo: Microsoft

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