[Sea of Thieves]Sea of Thieves: Who voices Jack Sparrow? It’s not Johnny Depp

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  Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 showcase was a fantastic showing of trailers, and one of the biggest surprises was Pirates of the Caribbean DLC for Sea of Thieves which features an incredible impersonation of Jack Sparrow that has resulted in people genuinely wondering if the voice actor is Johnny Depp.

  The Pirates of the Caribbean crossover adds a face to the Kraken and will also feature other characters alongside the iconic goofball captain. There will be Davy Jones with his tentacle beard, and this means there will also be the terrifying Flying Dutchman.

  All of it looks incredible for fans of the game and movie series, and even better news is that it’s a free update.

  SEA OF THIEVES: Release time for Season 3 and A Pirate’s Life

  Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Announcement Trailer



  Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Announcement Trailer






  The release date for the Sea of Thieves x Pirates of the Caribbean DLC is June 22nd.

  It comes as part of season three for the Microsoft exclusive, and – despite how huge the crossover is – it’s an entirely free update for all players to enjoy.

  Characters confirmed for the DLC include Captain Jack Sparrow as well as his arch enemy Davy Jones who comes with the Flying Dutchman and its grotesque crew.

  Another confirmed character from the movies is Gibbs, but there doesn’t appear to be Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner or Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth.

  While there are returning characters from the films, know that the DLC is an original story by Rare. The official post on Rare’s website says that they worked closely with Disney and that fans will visit locations from both the films as well the theme park attraction.

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  If Monday had a face. And tentacles. pic.twitter.com/jOnLcGXF2B

  — Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) June 21, 2021

  Johnny Depp is not the voice actor for Jack Sparrow in the Sea of Thieves x Pirates of the Caribbean DLC as it is instead Jared Butler.

  Jared Butler was confirmed as the voice actor for Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves season 3 during Rare’s A Pirate’s Life showcase. This casting is something we were able to predict before Rare’s announcement because he’s perfectly mimicked Johnny Depp’s vocals and mannerisms several times in the past.

  He played the greatest pirate to have ever lived in the At World’s End and Online games in 2007, and he also played the captain in Disney Infinity. While fans were unimpressed with James Arnold Taylor’s performance in Kingdom Hearts 2, they were much happier with Butler’s rendition as the captain in Kingdom Hearts 3.

  It’s no surprise that Johnny Depp isn’t reprising his most iconic role, but at least Rare have perfected his likeness as well as attained the perfect voice double. Not only that, but they also hired an actual stunt double to mimic the captain’s outlandish movements and ticks.

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