[twoplayergames]Eight two-player games to make social distancing fun

  When you’re locked up indoors doing social distancing, it’s essential to maintain a sense of social life. While you can’t go to the cinema or meet up with your BFF at your favorite restaurant, technology enables you to remain linked regardless of physical distance. You may feel more inclined to video chat with your friends now that you won’t be able to see them in person over the next few weeks.

  If you’re searching for an online game to keep in touch with friends you can’t see right now or an offline game to play with a buddy you’re isolating, there are several delightful choices. Though finding games for two players can be challenging at times, these suggestions can help keep you occupied during video chat or with your isolation buddy.

  Participate in Scrabble Word Finder’s game with the actual board game or with friends online through the Scrabble GO app. The software is available for download and plays for free on Google Play and the App Store.

  While the board game version is simple to play with someone in your household, the app version is much easier to play against someone through video chat.

  If you love playing card games in real life, you can do so online as well. You should be imaginative to make sure all of you have a half-deck of cards if you choose to use an actual deck over video chat. If that sounds too difficult, several online choices are available, including multiplayer card games, including Blackjack Online for iOS.

  If you want to play chess with a buddy, Zynga’s Chess with Friends Free can download accessible online and from Google Play and the App Store. Zynga is the company behind the popular Words with Friends.

  Exploding Kittens fans will enjoy the game online by downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store. If you haven’t tried it yet, the game works as a competitive card game with power-ups and downgrade cards, and it’s a perfect way to connect. If you don’t already have the application, keep in mind that it costs $1.99, but you won’t be able to use it for free. Since the game allows friends to play together virtually, it’s far more fun to play from afar. Get the physical edition out to play for your housemate if you have one.

  Though not all Snapchat games are two-player only, there are a few that enable you to play rounds against your friends. For example, you might play Bitmoji Tennis or Slide the Shakes with a friend and compare your results on the scoreboard. The best thing is that Snapchat games are always free and can be found in the Games portion of your chat preferences.

  Many instant games on Facebook can be played with only two teams. Classics like pool and bowling, as well as puzzle sports like SongPop Arcade, are among them. You’ll be able to match your scores and even compete in Words with Friends.

  Monopoly is perfect because it can be played with only two players and provides a friendly, competitive challenge. This Monopoly online game is free and encourages you to invite friends to play with you from different computers.

  Arcade games are fun to play with friends online and bring back memories. Air hockey is a popular two-player game that you can play with a friend using a free version from Google Play or the App Store.

  Those who do not want to spend time searching for the perfect game might go for a tried-and-true classic: Truth or Dare. To begin playing this game, all you need is a buddy and a true old-fashioned sense of creativity.

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