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The good news is that three new cars are coming to Series 36 at the Horizon Festival, each available for everybody completing certain tasks.

The three new models coming to Forza Horizon 4 as part of this update are the 1973 Mazda RX-3, the 1972 Mazda Cosmo, and the 2018 Saleen S1.

If you¨re eager to drive them in Forza, don¨t be because it¨ll take a while until you¨re finally ready to claim the cars. For example, the Cosmo can be yours after completing the Mazda¨s Guide to the Galaxy seasonal championship in Autumn. At the same time, the RX-3 is only unlocked after completing 50 percent of the Summer seasonal playlist.

On the other hand, the Saleen S1 is available after completing 50 percent of the Spring seasonal playlist.

Getting back to the next Forza Horizon, there¨s a chance Microsoft will spill the beans on the game this month at E3, though the company has so far remained tight-lipped on everything concerning a possible announcement.

While we do know that Microsoft will attend the event with some pretty big news, it¨s not yet clear if Forza Horizon 5 is on the agenda or not. In the meantime, however, several tipsters with a good track on gaming scoops have indicated that Forza Horizon 5 wouldn¨t be set in Japan, as originally believed, but in Mexico. It¨s been discovered recently that Microsoft actually teased this location in a video shared a long time ago.

Of course, everything shouldn’t be taken for granted at this point, but fingers crossed for Microsoft to provide us with some Forza Horizon 5 news at E3 this month.

The Saleen S1 2018 is one of the most good-looking cars in the game, and considering the sheer number of cars in Forza Horizon 4, that¨s saying something. In this quick and easy guide, we will show you how you can consistently unlock the Saleen S1 without any hassle. Make sure to follow closely for the best results. Right, let¨s get into it.

First up, you will be performing the time travel glitch on Forza Horizon 4. Simply go into your date and time settings by searching it up from your Windows search bar, and turn off the option to set date and time automatically. Next, go into your network connection settings and ensure you are disconnected from WiFi. Now, set the date to June 25th 2021 on your date and time settings. Finally, close down all the settings windows and launch Forza Horizon 4. If you are running the game on an Xbox system, you must do the exact same things using your Time Settings and Network Connection settings. Once you open up Forza Horizon 4, your game will now be in the spring season in offline mode. You will be able to complete events, trials, and challenges that are associated with the upcoming spring seasonal event. All you have to do is accumulate a 50% completion of all these events to receive the Saleen S1 ¨18 on Forza Horizon 4. In case you are reading this after or on the 25th of June, you have nothing to worry about in terms of the repercussions of using a car before it has come out. In case you are indeed using the time travel exploit to obtain this car, we recommend strictly staying on offline mode, since there is a chance you get reported and banned for using a car that has not come out yet. To switch to online mode with the Saleen S1 before it is out would be completely your liability.

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