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  Outlast: 4 Details That Connect The First Two Games

  By Francesco Paolo Luisi

  Published Jun 05, 2021


  Though details are limited, there are creepy connections that tie Outlast 1 and Outlast 2 together.

  A collage of three different images featured in the organic list.

  The Outlast Trials is set to release sometime in late 2021. The proper release date is still to be announced, but predicting a pushback to next year wouldn’t be completely out of this world considering most games in production during 2020 were pushed back.. In addition, we still haven’t heard nor seen anything new from Red Barrels.

  Despite that, it’s also possible the?studio is?just waiting for the Halloween period?– just about the best time to release a terrific horror game.

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  The two previous Outlast titles seem to have nothing to do with each other. The original is set in a seemingly abandoned asylum while the latest playable sequel takes place in an obscure, dilapidated town.

  The characters between these games are also completely different?with no familiar faces can be found in either title.?Each is its own little nightmare to experience with a camcorder. Despite that, there are a couple of covert links that tie in the games within the same canonical universe.


  A screenshot taken with the camcorder in nightvision mode.

  At one point in the game, a (recurring) blinding flash of light stuns you and Father Knot’s fanatic cult members. The flash leaves the latter group in a trance, allowing you to freely walk around and listen to their delusional rantings. A little exploration rewards you with a callback to the first Outlast — a strange line of dialogue spoken by a man with a mustache kneeling by a campfire.

  If you walk to him, you can hear him scream: “Get them out! Please! The Doctor is dead! Rip them clean! You have to help me!”

  These same exact words are also spoken by one of the patients at Mount Massive Asylum shortly after entering the facility in the original Outlast. Admittedly, while Blake walks through Temple Gate (the secluded Arizona village in Outlast 2), plenty of strange ravings can be heard. It’s possible the developers used this bit of dialogue as filler.

  Nevertheless,?this phrase could be a manifestation of the hidden link between Mount Massive and Temple Gate.

  The glitched Murkoff logo as seen during the St. Sybil corrupted recordings.

  The creepiest encounters in Outlast 2 take place during Blake’s flashbacks that bring him back to his former high school, St. Sybil. The levels that take place here are, undoubtedly, the ones that require nerves of steel to get through. Something about seeing a familiar, yet deserted place, like an empty school, feels uncomfortably uncanny.

  To make things even worse, you can tape corrupted recordings while in the high school that hide a seriously disturbing message (just like the rest of the game).

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  You can catch a quick glimpse of the Murkoff corporation’s logo during these recordings.?One might very well wonder why this seemingly pointless easter egg is creepy.

  First of all, the fact that the logo is a literal guillotine (which points out the company’s evil practices) is already enough to give your spine chills. Secondly, the Murkoff corporation and its employees serve as the primary veiled antagonists of the first Outlast game. The company used Mount Massive Asylum to conduct illegal human experiments that very much classify as crimes against humanity. What are they doing in Blake’s flashbacks?


  A conveniently hidden document that explains everything about Outlast 2's circumstances.

  Quite literally, you can find a hidden document that essentially explains everything about the seemingly disjointed link between Outlast 1 and 2. The “Old Traveler” is the title of a hidden letter located in a sleeping bag found in The Lake area by the waterside’s shore.

  The author of this letter is a Murkoff employee apparently taking notes about the nearby radio towers and how they are able to influence the “subjects at the site.”

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  These radio towers are the real deal, though. The Murkoff corporation built them under the guise of factories near a settlement area, Temple Gate, to study the mind control effects they would have on the local inhabitants. That’s precisely why Father Knot and his followers go insane and actively hunt you throughout the game.

  The author of this document notes that the towers’ signal and effect are much stronger closer to Temple Gate despite the town being actually rather far.

  A depiction of the secret Murkoff radio towers in Outlast 2.

  Even?players who beat?the previous games might have hazy memories about the overarching epilogue that yields more questions than answers. To quickly recap: Blake finds his wife, Lynn, precisely when she’s about to give birth to a prophesied anti-Christ child.

  He helps deliver the baby who doesn’t cast a shadow, but she dies after saying, “There’s nothing there.” Blake walks away with the shadowless newborn in tow, but a flash of light suddenly floods the screen. Still following so far?

  Players assumed this sudden flash of light, reminiscent of a blast, to be a nuclear explosion, much like the one that occurs in Resident Evil’s Racoon City.

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  In truth, this flash of light is the same one that happens during the helicopter ride at the beginning of the game, the one that strands Blake and Lynn in Temple Gate. It turns out that the helicopter flew too close to the radio towers and its engine stopped working.

  The Murkoff Account, a comic series published by Red Barrels, reveals that the last flash of light in Outlast 2 is actually caused by the Walrider from Outlast 1, the spirit-thingy that?is deeply driven by a profound hate aimed at Murkoff. Perhaps more information about the evil corporation and the Walrider’s involvement will be revealed in the upcoming third installment of the series.

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