[poki.com games]Among Us: PewDiePie defends Pokimane after fans demand he kick her off the game

  In recent months, most notable streamers/gamers have tried their hands at the 2018 game,?Among Us. For several weeks, this game had been the most-watched game on Twitch, and now stands at the third position for the last seven days, according to Twitch Tracker.

  Among Us?has a simple plot, pitting players against each other. This, in turn, opens up a range of possibilities and makes it hard for teammates to trust each other.

  This has been the primary reason why so many streamers have been playing this title. As Shroud recently?explained, Among Us is ‘fun to play’ with the ‘right people.’

  Recently, we have seen quite a few exciting collaborations between notable streamers. This includes Pokimane and PewDiePie, who have played Among Us together (with other streamers) multiple times.

  Image Credits: Dexerto <img class="lazy-img" width="620" height="349" data-img="http://www.hkdesu.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210708204659-60e76443cdb07.jpg" alt="Image Credits: Dexerto" data-img-low="http://www.hkdesu.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210708204659-60e76443cdb07.jpg" src="https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/data:image/svg+xml,“>Image Credits: Dexerto

  Older PewDiePie/Pokimane fans will remember the controversy between the two back in January 2019. The former had criticized the Twitch star for ‘copy-striking’ compilation videos of her content.

  This had led to a video by ‘Fainted’, titled ‘Dark Side of Pokimane’, where he talked about a fan who used to make compilation videos of the 24-year-old streamer, but she never copy-struck them.

  Here’s Pokimane’s response on the matter:


  But now, any controversy between PewDiePie and Pokimane seems to be a thing of the past. Recently, when the two were playing Among Us with other notable streamers like Valkyrae and Scarra, quite a few PewDiePie fans started asking him to kick the former Fortnite star off the game.

  Comments such as ‘Kick Pokimane,’ ‘Mute her,’ and ‘Pokimane is so annoying’ began dominating his chat. However, instead of listening to his fans, PewDiePie defended her. He asked his fans to stop saying these kinds of things and asserted that they could watch another streamer if they do not like him playing with her.

  PewDiePie and Pokimane playing Among Us (Image Credits: Pewds LiveStream Moments, YouTube) <img class="lazy-img" width="637" height="428" data-img="http://www.hkdesu.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210708204659-60e76443dcf01.jpg" alt="PewDiePie and Pokimane playing Among Us (Image Credits: Pewds LiveStream Moments, YouTube)" data-img-low="http://www.hkdesu.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210708204659-60e76443dcf01.jpg" src="https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/data:image/svg+xml,“>PewDiePie and Pokimane playing Among Us (Image Credits: Pewds LiveStream Moments, YouTube)

  He compared himself with Poki’s fans and asked his viewers to ‘call him a simp’. Furthermore, when Pokimane heard about the incident, she said the following:

  “No way he is defending me against people on his chat. If so, that’s really nice. I am so surprised he even like, be in the lobby with me, so that’s really nice to hear, you know?”

  Concerning past controversies between the two, Pokimane explained that she ‘looks up to PewDiePie.’ Talking about his negative comments about her in the past, she explained what she thought about the Swedish star back then.

  “If someone that I look up to in a lot of ways said that, then maybe I need to reflect on the way I am behaving or responding to certain things. And so I did, yeah.”

  Since this incident, the two streamers have played Among Us together multiple times, and it seems that their past troubles are over.

  Watch the entire incident in the video below.


  Edited by Ravi Iyer

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