[Bravo Team]SEAL Team plot hole: Fans expose Jason’s baffling error about Bravo Team’s medals

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  The gripping fourth season of SEAL Team was met with acclaim from fans after wrapping up on CBS last month. With another season officially in the works, now on Paramount+, viewers have been catching up on some old favourites and have unfortunately spotted some confusing plot holes.

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  Jason Hayes (played by David Boreaneaz) appeared to forget Bravo Team’s list of achievements during a key scene in SEAL Team season two.

  During a pivotal moment in the season finale, ‘Never Out of the Fight’, Hayes somehow fails to recall the correct number of medals, despite his team being present in full uniform.

  In this episode, Commander Shaw (Peter Jessop) threatens to split the team up after they fail to complete an important mission.

  However, another situation quickly arises in Lahore, giving Bravo Team one last chance to prove they can work as a unit.

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  David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes

  SEAL Team plot hole: Fans expose Jason’s baffling error about Bravo Team’s medals (Image: CBS)

  David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes

  SEAL Team: Hayes proposes a toast to Bravo Team (Image: CBS)

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  After taking out four wanted terrorists, they return home to hold an overdue ceremony for their teammate Bret Swann (Tony Curran), who sadly took his own life earlier in the season.

  Having endured some of their toughest missions so far, Hayes toasts his surviving teammates by listing their achievements in battle.

  He says: “There are 46 special operators in this room. 655 years of total service. 439 years of deployment. 130 of those years deployed to war.

  “There are 21 divorces among us. 54 kids affected by those breakups. 17 Purple Hearts. 104 Bronze Stars. Three Silver Stars.”

  Scott Foxx as Full Metal

  SEAL Team: Full Metal star Scott Foxx was in the real SEAL Team before the series (Image: CBS)

  Tony Curran as Brett Swann

  SEAL Team: The team hold a ceremony for Brett Swann (Image: CBS)

  Recognising their shared trauma, he finished: “That’s a lot of pain for us to carry around.

  “But I’m not trading that pain in for anything, ’cause that’s what makes us who we are.”

  Despite the touching sentiment, Hayes’ toast ignited a fair bit of debate amongst SEAL Team fans.

  Many observant viewers who tuned in quickly realised the list of medals wasn’t accurate, made worse by the fact that most of their decorations would have been present and visible at the time.


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  One fan posted on the message boards: “Bravo Team alone has eight Silver Star medals.

  “The only operators from Bravo who do not have the Silver Star medal are Blackburn and Full Metal.

  “Full Metal was a real SEAL before going into acting, and earned a Navy Cross that he also wears in the show on his dress uniform.”

  Even though Full Metal star Scott Foxx paid tribute to his own time in the service before joining the series, Hayes fails to mention his achievements in his toast.

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  His forgetfulness also spurred a heated discussion on Reddit when the season two finale first aired back in 2019.

  Another viewer said: “Ok they’re DEVGRU [US Naval Special Warfare Development Group] but no way every single one of them has a Silver Star.”

  While a second suggested: “The show’s wardrobe probably just put together a bunch of stacks and didn’t think about who having what.”

  Whether it was the fault of the production team or SEAL Team’s writers, fans agreed the series should have paid a little more attention to its characters’ histories for such a poignant moment of the finale.

  SEAL Team is available to watch on CBS in the US.

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