[The Yakuza Remastered Collection]Ren Wang 2 final ending and third wave pay DLC will be on December


  November 13th,Team Ninja’s creative director Tom Lee sent a document of the Sony blog to “Ren Wang 2” story and the third wave paid DLC[Tai Chun Samurai Secret History]will debut on December 17.Players are about to face the full range of challenging tasks and terrible enemies.The new difficulty level will make the discussion of the experience of the old road to fight.


  In the new DLC,Chu Yajun pills third time,It is also the last time, it is dazzling,The protagonist passes through the “scarce”.They came to the place where the mother had mentioned,It is also the legendary youth to defeat the evil ghost.Dachuel Pills, the secret of Chu Yeya,And the truth behind the warrior,Everything will be announced,The long journey of the protagonist will also enter a climax.


  Simultaneously,Tom Lee also announced in order to celebrate the success of the “Renwang” series.Other works will also be launched.Let new players have the opportunity to experience the story of “Renwang”.”Renwang” and “Ren Wang 2” will also land the next generation host platform PS5.February 4, 2021,The following works will also be released.Celebrate the fourth anniversary of “Renwang Series”.

  ”Renwang 2 Complete Edition” (suitable for PlayStation4) “Benempore 2 Remastered Complete Edition” (suitable for PlayStation5) “Benempore” “Benempore COLLECTION” (suitable for PlayStation5) players Complete Edition “Experience the full” Ren King 2 “plot on the PlayStation4 host,Includes all three DLC expansion contents.

  Newly added PS5 players,In addition to the “King 2 Remasteered Complete Edition” experience complete “Ren Wang 2” adventure,You can also experience a series of reissue through the “Renwang Remasteered Complete Edition” experience.

  If the player wants to experience all content once,PlayStation5 version “Renwang Collection” completely recorded the entire series,Contains “Renwang”, “Ren King 2” and all DLC.

  All work suitable for PS5 will support 4K resolution,Exhibit clear and vivid picture quality, up to 120 FPS game experience,Achieving a smooth battle,And ultra-high speed load time,In addition, players can also transfer the PS4 version of the preservation information.Seamless continuation of previous adventure progress.

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  And want to migrate data from PS4 to PS5 players,There will be different upgrade options:

  1. Players who have the PS4 version “Ren Wang 2Complete Edition” can upgrade to the PS5 version “Ren Wang 2 Remastered Complete Edition”,No additional payment is required.

  2, and players who have the PS4 version “Renwang 2” can be directly upgraded to the Basic game of the PS5 version “Ren Wang 2 Remastered”.If you have any PS4 version DLC expansion content, you can also obtain the corresponding PS5 version DLC.

  ”Ren Wang 2 Remastered” and “Ren Wang 2” DLC are not sold separately,Please pay attention.


  * You need to buy “Ren Wang 2” product version of the game to play “Niu Ruo Wars”, “Ping An Jingji” and “The Secret History of the Taiwan Samsuza”.(Indifferent or included in the “Ren King 2” season ticket.)

  * 4K resolution and 120 FPS settings such as support.

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