[Chris Evans Lucas Lee]Former astronaut Chris Hadfield, the speculation of the alien ufo is stupid

  According to foreign media CNET,Local time on Sunday,Once held by the International Space Station, the first “MV” (David Bowo “Space Odding”), the first Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, said that the speculation of the alien ufo is “stupid”.He slammed the true “believers” that believes that UFO or UAP (“Unknown Flight Phenomenon”) and some alien wisdom life.


  Front of the Canadian Air Force Chris Hadfield said in a radio program of the Canadian Broadcasting Company: “Obviously,I have seen countless things I don’t understand in the sky.But see what you don’t understand in the sky.Then immediately determine that it is a wisdom life from another solar system.This is stupid and lack of logical performance.”

  These comments are made in the US News Program “60 minutes” broadcast a broad discussion of UAP.In recent years,The release of military recording on such phenomena has led to a call for more transparency,A non-confidential report of the US intelligence agency will now be submitted to Congress next month.

  Hadfield added,He does think that other places in the universe are likely to have lives.He said: “But it said in exactly,so far,We have not found evidence that there is life other than the earth.We are looking for.”

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