[Nendoroid 751]Sega60th Anniversary Awards held in August 1st gift Nendoroid Hedgehog Sonik

  SEGA Asia Official Website is currently holding SEGA’s 60th anniversary “Special Gift Award”.Before December 2020,Beautiful “Sega Products” will be sent in every month.Please don’t miss this opportunity, please don’t miss this opportunity.Come and join.

  In the second event held in August,The “Nendoroid Hedgehog Sonik” will be sent.Activities and raised will be conducted on the SEGA SNS fans from all regions of Asia.If you are interested, please go to the Sega SNS to see!


  [Gift content]

  Nendoroid Hedgehog Sonik



  [Gift Description]

  The fastest hedgehog in history,Expand your adventure again in the nendoroid attitude!

  This product is sold in the 20th anniversary of the “Sonic” series.And won the very well-collected Nendoroid “Hedgehog Sonyke” secondary vendor vendor.In the model box, there are additional parts such as “props box”, “chaotic jade”, “relay point”, and “relay points”, etc. in the model box.of course,It is also possible to replace the Sonic’s gesture to the Mercedes-Benz gesture to reproduce the classic scene.Plus the facial expression part,Enjoy a variety of classic action scenes that Sonykes in Sonykes in the game.



  Specifications: ABS & PVC painting complete movable model?Is an abnormal scale?Recomplace

  Height: about 100mm

  Prototype production: Sino-Village Arts / Production Work: ね ね どろ どろ

  Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

  ※ Because the goods cannot stand on their own,If you want to stand up,Be sure to use the inner attachment.

  ※ There may be some differences in pictures and actual items in the press release.

  ※ The goods are handmade color painting.So each item may have some differences.Please understand.

  [Participation period]

  August 5, 2020 (3) ~ August 31, 2020 (1)

  [Implemented SNS fans page]


  ※ until December 2020,”Special Gift Award” will be implemented every month.September of the gift reservation will be disclosed on the official website of SEGA Asia in late August.Please look forward to!

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