[Hitman 3]The right to match the comedy Hitman was determined in January 2020 released


  Korean actor’s right to help, Zheng Junhao, Huang Yuti Hui, Li Yigeng, Li Zhiyuan starring the comedy action film “Hitman” is determined in January next year to be released in Korea.

  The movie “Hitman” tells the “Handsome” of the national hospital, the killing agent “Jun” (transliteration), to achieve the dream of network workers, escaping the national hospital,Painting the one-level confidential painting will be thrown in the drunken state.A series of things happening to become the national hospital and terrorist chase goals.The actor’s right to play a legendary king agent “Jun” in the movie.Through the movie “head master”, “The Honor of the Family” brings a happy smile to the audience to play the national hospital demon guideline (transliteration).The actor Huang Yuti played the “handsome” wife,Li Yigeng played a super worship agent “Jun” old man assassin, “Zhe” (transliteration),Li Zhiyuan, who has shown excellent acting skills through Korean drama “City”, playing “handsome” daughter in the movie.

  In addition,The action comedy “Hitman” will be released in South Korea on January 22, 2020.

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