[Hitman 3 Game]Happy Game Fitness Week!Hitman GO free,Azure is low,More APP game promotions

  In this year, the face is connected to everyone.In this issue, you will choose from the following four iOS applications and 4 iOS games.Go to the client-side-free zone to download directly.

  There are also Steam platform 2 games and Switch platforms,EPIC Platform 1 Free Games and Steam Platform 2 Free Games are presented to everyone.I want to buy as soon as possible!

  BUDGETS Pro – Expense Tracker

  ¥ 18 → 0

  Recording cost,Take a tracker,Set up budget,View project expenditure,”BUDGETS Pro” makes you no longer do the moonlight!


  Rockout – Workout EXERCISES

  ¥ 30 → 0

  Training muscles,Or fitness fat,”Rockout” is your professional fitness instructor,Detailed guidance for each part of the body,Follow “Rockout” to do the bodybuilder!


  Roman: Fast health and weight loss

  ¥ 25 → 0

  What kind of food should I eat to lose weight?How to grow the food distribution of muscle group?This weight loss app,”Roman” with accurate mathematical calculation mode and user sharing how correct and effective weight loss (fat burning),And give the correct knowledge and experience.


  Lòmògraph retro film camera

  ¥ 12 → 0

  ”Lòmògraph” contains more than 1,000 excellent random film, leakage and filter effects,And you can join many different date watermarks,Daily life and travel photos can be converted into a vintage film,You can also re-add the date watermark to your photo.Let you regain memories and record all a good time.



  ¥ 1 → 0

  Cultivate self-study and good habits,Focus on learning focus,But I found myself that I couldn’t open the temptation of my mobile phone?”Stunning Bear Tour Bell” is strive to help you concentrate!


  Killer Go | Hitman Go

  Apr 23 deadline | ¥ 30 → 0

  When you have a muser killer login mobile phone,What kind of interpretation will?”Hitman Go” lets players play killers 47,Like “playing chess” step by step,Strategy assassination goal,With props,Extriguous enemies,Like chess usually reaches the target location,With the security of the security.In addition: This is the same limit as the Android version.


  57 ° North

  ¥ 18 → 0

  ”57 ° North” is a praise of narrative adventure game,Hundreds of options in the game will lead to different stories development,Under your choice,Take the fate of them.In addition: This is the same limit as the Android version.


  Shu’s Garden

  ¥ 18 → 0

  From a planet to another,Disseminate the life of the plant and find new friends,Create a forest,Enjoy the water flowers in the pond,Be a strange hybrid plant!”Shu’s Garden” gives you a wonderful garden tour.


  Who’s mining?

  ¥ 6 → 0

  Experience the new puzzle adventures!Match the stone, get ore,Prove that you are the smartest miner!Cute people, magical world!New puzzle mechanism,Relaxing friendly atmosphere,Easy to get started,It is difficult to master,You can also compete with your friends!



  May 2 deadline | ¥ 48 → 0

  Prepare new areas that enter the physical platform game.Polyball is a classic ball scroll game,Inherited the blood of Super Monkey Ball, Marble Madness and MARBLE BLAST.At the same time, I also take the inspiration from the Sonic Series, Stunt Moto and Mario Racing.Easy to get started,It is difficult to master,There is the same fun inside the screen.



  April 25 deadline | ¥ 22 → 0

  ”GAMECRAFT” is an simulation of a sandbox to build a casual game.The game focuses on mechanical design and control.Based on the real physical movement,Even the robot can be designed.Experience the fun of mechanical physics.


  Shadow Tactics: General Blade | Shadow Tactics: Blades of the SHOGUN

  April 24 deadline | ¥ 115 → 28

  ”Shadow Tactics: The Blade of General” is background with Japan in the river period.It is a hard-core strategic sneak game.Manage a team,Team members have specializes in people who are dead.Let them sneak into many enemies like shadows.When mixing the castle of the solid, the castle, the snowy mountain monastery or the hidden forest,You need to select the correct way.Set traps,Toxic kill your enemies,Or completely avoid contact with the enemy.


  Aich | Icey

  April 27 deadline | ¥ 38 → 24

  ”Icey” is a 2D horizontal version of ACT + META game,Follow the narration indication,Go to see the eyes of Icey,Go to fight and discover the truth of the world in the game.You can confront the narrative indication,Think about how the game, what is true and so on.in the game,You play Icey,You can also play yourself. all,it’s up to you.


  Azure | CELESTE

  Mexican District,Low history,April 27 deadline | ¥ 103 → ¥ 26

  ”Celeste” is another force launched by the producer of “Tower Fall”.This platform is extremely compact.Players need to climb the Temte Mountain in Madeline,Help her overcome the fear of the heart.Brave in the face of hundreds of hand-made challenge scenes,Unveil the secret,Solve the mystery of mysterious peaks.


  Tea head | cuphead

  Mexican District,Apr 26 deadline | ¥ 103 → ¥ 76

  ”Tea Cup” is a classic horizontal scroll class shooting game mainly based on BOSS battle.He is inspired by cartoons in the 1930s,Events at the time of the picture, whether it is the technology,Such as traditional racemat, hand-painted animation, watercolor background, Jazz recording, etc.Don’t be deceived by cute pictures!Difficulty is hard to have it.


  Monster watch 4 ++ | Yokai Watch 4 ++

  Japan District,May 13 deadline | ¥ 468 → ¥ 197

  New high-definition works in the monster watch series,”Monster Watch 4 ++” brings a new combat system and multiple protagonist design,As a data sheet upgrade version of the “Monster Watch 4 ++” to add new multiplayer game mode,Support 4 players to fight,At the same time, it will add a new area and many new monsters.Also a series of official Chinese!


  Death cells | dead cells

  South Africa area,May 4th deadline | ¥ 121 → ¥ 97

  Welcome to “Death Cell”,This is a 2D platform action game that combines Roguelite and Galaxy Warrior Devils into a furnace.There is no checkpoint in the game.Players will experience soul battle,All the way challenges many guards,Explore a changing huge castle in a repeated turn of killing and death.


  For the king

  Free collection time: April 23 to April 30th

  ”For the king” is a strategy.Round combat and mixture of Roguelike elements.Every time you play is a unique random map, task, rewards, and events.Single play,Or explore Fahrul through a local area network cooperation mode or online collaboration mode.The Steam version is currently priced at 70 yuan.


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