[Duke Nukem 3D]3D Realms’ Scott Miller interview: Talking 25 Years In The Games Industry



  The founder of 3D Realms and the father of shareware sits down with us for a look at the last 25 years in gaming.

  Chris Jarrard

  June 30, 2021 6:00 PM


  Anyone who enjoys playing video games these days owes a debt of gratitude to Scott Miller. Across an impressive career, Miller has had a hand in some of the biggest games and trends to come down the pipe over the last 35 years. From founding Apogee Software in 1987 to pioneering the shareware distribution concept for PC games, very few could match the last impact Miller has delivered to our beloved hobby.

  It was our pleasure to host Scott for an interview session recently. Our own Video Editor Greg Burke spoke with Miller about the state of the video game business in 1996 and how it compares to the current market.

  1996 was an incredibly important year for Scott Miller and 3D Realms, the company he founded and continues to serve as an advisor. Any PC gamer who was active in the hobby that year will know about Duke Nukem 3D, one of the most influential first-person shooters ever released and the crown jewel of the 3D Realms catalog.

  Scott also touches on how much development tools have evolved and improved since 1996. Where developers in the mid-90s had to constantly push the limits of technology and often build their own tools from scratch, today’s studios can translate their visions into reality thanks to the lessons learned from the previous generation.

  For more unboxings, reviews, and interviews with all the folks responsible for creating the biggest games and technological advances in the industry, be sure to check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels.

  Chris Jarrard

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